Friday, November 14, 2008

Emperor Penguin Chick

Penguin are so mysterious and amazing, their survival skills unbelievable and yet they are so beautiful. I find their shape very attractive, and somehow because they stand upright, they seem almost human... I love the emperor penguins they are the tallest of all the penguins at 4 feet tall, when I first saw them live in a zoo a couple of years ago, I was so excited like people are excited when they see a celebrity, I was so moved, it made me cry, because I finally saw one in real life instead of a picture. It was everything I expected and more, the way they move, their body language, they are like little people from a fantasy land or something like that.

So you see that's why I had to sculpt this penguin. I just sculpted another penguin and hopefully I'll have a successful firing. This penguin is called a Rockhopper, he's very unusual and has bright yellow feathers around the ears, I can't wait to finish it...