Thursday, August 20, 2009

Horned Toad Sculpture


goldietexas said...

Oh My...What a gorgeous little horned Toad. I grew up with them in a little town west of Houston. I would play with them every morning as I waited for the school bus. I grew to know that they loved to lay on their back in the palm of my hand while I rubbed their tummy. They actually would go to sleep as I held them. I would just give anything to have this piece. I am a grandma, senior citizen, and on a very limited income. What could I do to find a way to have this one?

Sian Alexander said...

Thank you for the wonderful story. This little Horned Toad has found a home, several years ago and is living somewhere in Utah. You make me want to make another... but I'm glad this sculpture reached out to you. Those are precious memories, I've never been that close to a Horned Toad, I always thought they were fascinating. If i make another sculpture, i will post again. Thank you. Sian